Turning Trauma into Triumph

Responding to your needs for accessible, safe psychology services arising from the COVID pandemic, we now offer secure Video Conferencing and Telephone Consultation services to all our clients. We are an independent professional psychology practice located in Sydney. Our focus is helping adults with healing and recovery from difficult life events including trauma. Ruth Braunstein is the Principal Senior Psychologist and an EMDR Therapist. From time to time Ruth may work with Associates.


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Activities and people that keep us strong

Healing and Recovery across the lifespan

In your early childhood or adolescent years –  separation from care givers, abuse or neglect can each play a part in your life and relationships as an adult.  Impacts on family life and on children’s and young people’s development include:

Exposure to alcohol or substance abuse of a parent or older sibling

Exposure to family violence

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse and other unwanted sexual behaviour

As an adult, trauma experiences may result from a single event,  or many events.

Traumatic events may be natural such as natural disasters, floods, cyclone and so on. Or trauma can occur by human actions. 

Trauma may also be transmitted across generations.

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Building safety and self compassion  to safely unlock the secrets that keep us stuck

Professional, friendly, discreet and respectful

We offer friendly, discreet and professional counselling, support, and treatment. We are transparent and accountable. Your privacy and confidentiality is respected and protected. Quality treatment is based on best practice.

We create a working relationship with you in which you feel comfortable and are empowered to make the changes in life you want to make. We do so at your pace.

Our way of working encourages an active partnership with you to assist you achieving your goals. It involves you in decisions at every step of the way of treatment, for better health outcomes.

Our methods have proven to create meaningful and positive health and wellbeing outcomes. These outcomes can lead to life long changes, that are creative, flexible and resilient. 

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Reconnecting with a Sense of Ease and Calm

Why “Wellbeing Psychology”

Our name reflects our ethos that Wellbeing is about the whole person and how they are functioning in areas of life that are important to that person.

These life areas might be relationship with loved ones,  family, work, community, recreation, and physical health.  It may be a sense of being connected to oneself, one’s loved ones, one’s activity, and living one’s life aligned to one’s own values.

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Helping you navigate the cross roads on this part of your healing  journey

Convenient and Accessible

For your convenience, our consulting rooms are located in Sydney’s east at Bondi Junction and also on Sydney’s south west fringe at Campbelltown.  Both are close to parking and public transport.  Late afternoon appointments are also available.

Medicare or Private health Rebates are available for eligible referrals.

Contact us to discuss your needs for trauma healing or recovery. EMDR therapy is available for suitable clients.

We invite you to contact us for further information or to an arrange an initial consultation.

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