EMDR, Cultural Safety and Aboriginal clients

Ruth presents on the topic of EMDR, Aboriginal clients, trauma treatment and local collaborations at the NSW Aboriginal Mental Health Workforce Forum, Sydney, June 14 to 15, 2017

EMDR is a treatment recognised by the World Health Organisation as a first line treatment for psychological trauma. EMDR stands for ‘Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing’.

Partnerships for better mental health

Ruth is a non-Indigenous woman and passionate about Aboriginal culture and wellbeing. She’s a licensed psychologist, Community psychologist and an EMDR clinician.

In her talk she describes some opportunities for local collaborations with Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing professionals.  She presents under the 2017 conference theme  “Partnerships for better mental health”.

Pathways for training interested and suitably qualified Aboriginal medical and mental health professionals in EMDR are important to Ruth. Already one Indigenous Australian Psychologist is an EMDR clinician.

With permission, Ruth shares a short ‘case’ example  where EMDR treatment formed part of an Aboriginal community member’s healing journey.  With extra care, the person’s identity is fully protected.

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District hosts this year’s Conference together with the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council, the peak body for the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health sector in NSW.  Professor Lisa Jackson-Pulver AM, Western Sydney University is a Keynote Speakers at the Forum.

The 2017 conference themes are:

Partnerships for better mental health;

 Suicide prevention;

Justice system & mental health issues: prevention, diversion and support

“Nothing about us, without us”

Ruth presents on EMDR, Aboriginal Clients and local Collaborations. She  continues an inclusive national conversation launched in 2014 on possible cultural safety of EMDR.

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More information on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) can be found by searching services available at wellbeingpsych.com or go to emdraa.org

More information on the Conference, the NSW Aboriginal Mental Health Workforce Forum, can be found at https://nswmentalhealthcommission.com.au/events/2017-aboriginal-mental-health-wellbeing-workforce-forum