DSC 0224 150x150 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Members
Young Aboriginal dancers, NAIDOC Celebrations 2014

”I have a lifelong passion for Aboriginal culture and Aboriginal social, emotional, spiritual and economic wellbeing”.

Ruth Braunstein actively seeks out cultural mentoring, guidance and ongoing professional and cultural development to achieve culturally safe and meaningful services and outcomes for the Aboriginal people who see her.  She seeks permission from individuals whether to consult cultural mentors – and who to consult – so that the privacy and confidentiality of the individual is protected.

Ruth is privileged to have extensive experience working with, and alongside, Aboriginal people from many Nations and across the life span. She has specific experience with local Aboriginal community members living in urban, regional, rural and remote areas.

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Collaborating with local Aboriginal community members, La Perouse and STA Sydney Buses for Shuttle Bus to Yabun 2014

Ruth works effectively with partner agencies to deliver services for Aboriginal community members who would otherwise find many barriers to accessing  services that meet individuals’ needs, are affordable, professional, confidential and achieve meaningful outcomes.

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Urban scenes: South West Sydney: Artist, Anabel Testa 2010

Ruth likes to collaborate with Aboriginal mental health workers  where feasible as part of a team care approach to care, including a person’s general practitioner (GP).

Many Aboriginal clients have commented that they feel comfortable and safe when they engage with Ruth, and have referred their loved ones to see her.

Ruth builds on people’s existing strengths. She is able to deeply listen and respond authentically to Aboriginal people.  She likes to work in cultural ways that are meaningful for each individual. Ruth integrates this with professional and evidence based approaches.

She shares skills that help Aboriginal (and non-Aboriginal) people to get back in charge of their own life – their emotions, body sensations, thoughts, behaviours and actions.

Ruth has capacity to provide services at her consulting rooms, in people’s homes, in Aboriginal organisations, outdoors, in parks and where-ever a person prefers to see Ruth and feels most comfortable.

DSC 0022 150x150 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Members
Always was, Always Will be Aboriginal Land

Some of the many issues Ruth can assist Aboriginal people with are:


Self harm

Grief, bereavement and loss, including complicated and unresolved loss


Psychotic experiences

Building self worth

Substance misuse

Ongoing impacts from racism



Worries about loved ones

DSC 0184 150x150 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Members
Fun and cultural events strengthen community wellbeing: Yabun, Aboriginal Survival Day, Inner Sydney, 2014

With permission and with sensitivity to not reveal any identifiable individuals, Ruth is hoping to share some individual stories of hope and change in future.

If you would like to talk to Ruth confidentially about seeing her, please phone or email her. (see Contact Us).  Free no-obligation brief initial phone consultation (5 – 10 minutes) available by appointment.

If you are from an organisation, agency or community-controlled sector and would like to discuss opportunities to partner with Ruth to  achieve meaningful outcomes for your community members or target group, please phone or email Ruth at ruthbraunstein (@) icloud.com (see Contact Us)

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