An experienced, registered WorkCover provider

Ruth is a WorkCover Provider: Experienced in helping injured workers with:

persistent pain

psychological distress

impaired work performance

loss of functioning (daily life, recreational, social or job related activities)

Early Intervention

Early intervention can improve return to work outcomes, reduce development of persistent pain, and minimise chronic disability.

Addressing workers’  barriers to return to work improves recovery outcomes.

aDSC 0020a 150x150 - Services for Injured Workers
Regaining a sense of balance and self management despite injury or pain

Skillful, professional, independent

As a WorkCover provider, Ruth is an Independent allied health professional:

This includes independence from the worker’s employer or the employer’s WorkCover insurer.  She communicates with the worker’s treating GP, with permission of the injured worker.

Her role is assessment, collaborative goal setting,  individualised treatment planning to achieve workers’ goals. It encompasses interventions that are considered ‘reasonable and necessary’ under WorkCover, including improved self-management skills and strategies.

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